Friday, September 27, 2013

Lee Daniels' The Butler - Oscar Spotlight

The development of Lee Daniel's The Butler has been a dramatic one. After an MPAA claim made by Warner Bros. because of a silent film they made in 1916 called 'The Butler' the 2013 film was forced to change it's name to 'Lee Daniels' The Butler'. Petty as it may seem, that is copyright for you.

The weather in New Orleans during September of last year caused a delay in production pushing the cost to $30 million. The cume at the box office is at 107.6 million as of Thursday. When Columbia Pictures put the film into turnaround The Weinstein Company purachased the distribution rights. The development drama aside Lee Daniels' The Butler is creating some Oscar buzz.

Strongly tipped for a Best Picture Nomination, an outside chance for an Original Screenplay nom for Danny Strong and the running favorite for the Best Supporting Actress statue for Oprah Winfrey 'Lee Daniels' The Butler has pushed past the drama and made itself an Oscar contender.

Lee Daniels' The Butler is out now in the US and is released in Australia on October 31st.

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